Monday, March 25, 2013

Team UR 2013!

Good Afternoon -

It's been a few months since I posted last on my blog here and have a TON going on, both in the Triathlon World and my personal life, but don't we all?

I'm officially in training for 2013.  My schedule has about 10 different races slotted in this year - a mix of Running and Triathlon with a few Biking and Swimming Events spattered throughout - but I'll speak to all of that later!

What's awesome about this year?  I'm officially being sponsored by UR Performance Fuel!  UR was the primary liquid fuel of choice during the 2012 training season and while racing Ironman Madison last year.  UR is a smaller company with a ton of potential, mainly because of the quality of product they're putting out there. 

UR is a liquid performance fuel (powder form mixed with water, juice, etc) like many other fuels on the market.  It's caloric count and protein/carbo ratio's are not that much different either.  I have used it to fuel from as "weak" as 1 scoop per 24oz of water up to as strong as 6 scoops per 24oz of water - whatever's needed for your taste and caloric needs.

So, you ask why do I use UR then?  First of all, the taste isn't to "sugary".  Some fuels are to sweet to consume over a lengthened period of time (Ironman, Century Rides, Etc.) - this was my issue main issue with Infinit and Ironman Perform.    UR has an average taste is palatable for long rides, events.  I use GU's as well (Strawberry Banana), but after 5 of the same flavor - it gets brutal!

Second - the ingredients do not cause GI distress.  I have never had a problem with bloating or GI issues while using UR.  I have discussed this with others as well, no issues with UR.  This was my main issue with Accelerade.

UR is an awesome product that is going somewhere.  I recommend you pick up a canister of this amazing fuel.

As always, Keep up the Endurance...Keep up the Intensity!


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