Friday, April 12, 2013

Moving Forward!

Last night, I was thinking about a discussion I had recently about focusing to much on the tactics to achieve goals vs focusing more on the overall strategy to achieve those goals.  I thought about this a bit more - it applies well to training - be it running, biking, swimming, ANYTHING that you've set a goal for.  In past blogs I discussed the importance of setting goals for yourself, your season, or for the year.  As with any ultimate goal, there are strategies to accomplish the goal as well as tactics.  Any tactics that you execute on or attempt to execute on should support the overall strategy or strategies.  So, with that being said - sometimes the tactics don't give you the "wins" you need. 

An interesting subject to focus on.  Some wins might be HUGE...Nailing a Personal Record (PR), completing a new distance, lifting a new MAX, doing a record new reps, etc.  Some are smaller though; a new speed, a run with great form, hitting the "zone" during a training session.  BUT...some wins can't even be quantified in size.  One win that we can't forget about is that we're blessed to be able to exercise in whatever medium we choose; we're able to compete, we're able to improve, we're able to spend time on something good for our health.   Focus on your wins, no matter how big or small.  Sometimes, just getting that workout in during the day is a win.  Sometimes choosing to let your body HEAL and being able to recognize the need for an off-day is the win!  Interestingly enough, celebrate that win and MOVE FORWARD; move on to preparing for the next activity, workout, etc.


When we write our workout plan for the week, it's often supporting an "A" race or maybe the ultimate goal of loosing 10 pounds...maybe there are multiple goals throughout the season.  Interestingly enough, the tactics that we put in place are exactly that - tactics.  If a tactic doesn't go as planned, adjust and move forward.  If you "bonk" during a bike ride, and feel off during a run and decide to finish with long strides instead of sprints...accept it and move forward.  One tactical failure will not make you miss your "A" race.  Recognize the miss, assess why it happened, adjust for the next round to assure you can accomplish it...and MOVE FORWARD!  I hope you're starting to see the trend....

I'm my worst enemy when it comes to "MOVING FORWARD"!  I dwell on a bad run, I dwell on sore muscles that shouldn't be sore, I constantly beat myself up for little or no reason.  One of the things I'm focusing on this year is to listen and learn from myself more.  Learn from this misses, learn from those wins, learn from all of my tactical execution and assure it enables progress towards my goals. 

So, as you continue to drive through each workout, each weak, each month...focus on the tactics and learn from them.  Focus on your Wins and learn from them.  Focus on your Misses and learn from them.  Listen to yourself, Learn from yourself...but lastly MOVE FORWARD! 

As always though:

Keep up the Endurance...Keep up the Intensity!


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