Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Racing Season Wrap-Up

The 2012 Racing Season is Complete. (Voices in My Head Cheering!)

What were my goals at the start of 2012?

Primary Goals:
2.) Improve my Physical Fitness - COMPLETE

Secondary (A) Goals
1.) Finish Ironman WI - COMPLETE
2.) Run my 1st Marathon - COMPLETE
3.) Finish Ironman 70.3 Racine - COMPLETE

Minor (B) Goals:
1.) 8:00m/m Marathon (changed to Boston Qualifier Times 7:10m/m (2011) - missed this by 2min)
2.) Sub - 5hr Ironman 70.3 Racine  - COMPLETE
3.) Sub 13hr Ironman (changed to Sub 11hour) - COMPLETE

I can say with an immense amount of enthusiasm; I have accomplished all of my Primary and Secondary goals this year.  Yesterday morning, I was able to sit down over breakfast and review the season with my coach, Carla Hastert of Training Bible Coaching.  We discussed the success I had, some misteps and challenges that we overcame, and started discussing 2013.

I'm a very goal driven person.  I'm the donkey chasing that carrot on a string in front of me...I thrive off of that attitude with determination.  While discussing the season yesterday - I stumbled upon an anaology that I wanted to share.  My season turned into an onion, having multiple layers.  As you can see, my minor (B) goals changed during the season - all becoming more aggressive.  I was lucky enough to see a drastic amount of improvement this year; with that improvement, I adjusted my goals to contine to chase a goal always at the tip of my fingertips  I recommend you constantly analyze what your goals were/are, then set and adjust them as needed.  Keep your carrot in front of you!

I've been recovering from Ironman Wisconsin for 6 weeks now.  Plantar Fascitis still plagues my left foot so I continue to treat it with Strength Training and Physical Therapy Exercies.  I have started to set my Secondary goals for 2013....for now though, I'm sticking with my Primary Goals of having fun and Improving my Physical Fitness.  I'm attempting to improve how I eat, while also just enjoying the workouts - with minimal expectations for now other than to HAVE FUN!!!

As you wrap your seasons:

Keep up the Endurance...Keep up the Intensity!



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