Monday, October 8, 2012

The Age Grouper and the Tri-Spouse

My last post was about how I started triathlon.  This is a fairly new sport for me...wrapping up my second "official" season.  Some might be asking, WHY is HE writing a blog about Endurance, Triathlons, etc?  I definately welcome everyone to view/comment on this blog and I hope everyone can gleam some knowledge or at least an "ah ha!" or "hmm" moment.  That said, I'm not writing it for the 10hr Ironman, the 3hr Marathoner, the 18min 5K runner - I'm writing it for the age grouper.  This is for the guy or girl that has to squeeze their workout in at 5:00am before a 9hr workday so as to not take away time from their family or job.  It's for the person that gets on the trainer at 9pm in the basement on a Saturday night because they chose the zoo instead of a 40mile bike ride.  This is for the athlete that is training for their first 5K, maybe their first half marathon and fighting shin splints and needing a nudge to keep going.  This is for the age grouper!

I want to write a note about the people that allow us be the endurance nuts we are.  I need to give a LOUD shout out to the spouses and family members out there.  We're endurance junkies, we're a little bit (or a lot) crazy.  Some of our significant others are cut from the same cloth, some are not.  Regardless, it takes patience, fortitude, and a TON OF LOVE to deal with us.  For me, 2012 has been an amazing adventure full of joyful tears, HUGE smiles, and of course the always roller coaster set of emotions that encompany workouts and races.  I have to say THANK YOU to my wife and my two boys for being there for me physically, mentally, and emotionally along the way.   I also have to say Thank You to my extended family of supporters, babysitters, and friends that enable me to accomplish my personal have ALL made 2012 possible. 

Maybe your race year isn't complete (my wife is running her first 1/2 marathon in November- GO FAITH!!), maybe you decided to not race this year...none the less - we're all supported by someone! 

I'm sure each of everyone reading this has a huge group of supporters that have given you the opportunity to attack your goals this year.  Say Thank You today...we forget to sometimes. 

Thank you Faith, Zachary and Benjamin!

Keep up the Endurance...Keep up the Intensity!

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